Upper Level Specifications

The top level houses the Wisconsin Center’s exhibit space. This consists of four exhibit halls which can be combined for a total of 188,695 gsf. The exhibit halls are entered from balcony concourses on the Vel R. Phillips Avenue (east) side. Exceptionally spacious and unique exhibit pre-function areas provide unusual showcase settings for premium exhibits or food functions. Loading docks and drive-in ramps on the 6th Street (west) side provide access directly to the exhibit hall floors. The Hilton skywalk connects on this level, but not directly to upper-level spaces.

Exhibit Halls: 4

The Exhibit Hall contains four halls, but only two moveable divider walls, limiting the number of concurrent events to three.

Columns: 90′ x 90′ column spacing; some wider spans
Floors: hardened concrete
Floor load capacity: 350 lbs./sq. ft.
Ceiling: 30′ clear span
Lighting: 80 footcandles @ 3 ft. AFF



Electric: 120V/20 Amp, 208V/60 Amp floor boxes on 30′ x 30′ grid
(Additional overhead electrical connections available)
Gas: at pillars at 90′ x 90′ intervals
Air, Water, Drain: connections in floor boxes


Loading docks: 19

Semi back-up docks: (16) doors 8′ 6″ W x 9′ 4″ H
With dock leveler: 3
Drive-in ramps: (3) doors 20′ W x 16′ H


Elevators and Escalators

Passenger elevators: 5
Freight elevators: (2)
Freight elevator capacity: each 12,000 lbs.
Freight elevator dimensions: 10′ 0″ H x 9′ 8″ W x 20′ 8″ D
Escalators: 14

Other 3rd floor amenities

Restrooms: 6
Concession stands: 3 built-in
Show manager offices: 2
Pre-function space: carpeted