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until the democratic national convention comes to milwaukee!

Exhibitor Information


Exhibitor Services Supervisor

Our Exhibitor Services Supervisor is the Wisconsin Center’s chief liaison to exhibitors, providing information, receiving and processing orders, and assigning labor. The Exhibitor Services Supervisor works closely with your decorator and Event Services Manager to ensure the timely delivery of utilities and other services to exhibits.

Exhibit materials delivery

The Wisconsin Center has no storage space for exhibitor materials. To avoid conflicts with other events moving in or out, as well the potential for accidental loss, WCD cannot accept such deliveries prior to an event’s designated move-in period. Early deliveries may be turned away or returned to the sender.

Exhibit materials must be removed from the premises by the end of an event’s designated move-out period. WCD is not responsible for materials left behind. If you anticipate concerns, please see your show decorator about storing materials off-site.

Open loading dock

WCD has an “open loading dock” policy; except for electrical and mechanical service connections, we impose no restrictions on exhibitors’ ability to load, unload, move in, move out, set up and strike their own exhibits. Events which have contracted with a decorator may be bound by the terms of that decorator’s labor agreements, if any; it is show management’s responsibility to inform exhibitors if they will be affected.

Exterior doors

Exhibitor loading and unloading may only be done at loading dock entrances, and only during scheduled move-in and move-out. Except for hand-carried materials, the use of passenger elevators or pedestrian entrances for load-in/out is prohibited. Damage to the facility caused by exhibitors violating this policy is charged to show management. For security reasons, exterior doors may not be propped open for any purpose.

Loading and Unloading Procedures

To maintain a safe and secure environment, pay close attention to the move-in and move-out instructions provided by show management or your decorator. During scheduled move-in and move-out, freight can be loaded and unloaded at sixteen (16) outdoor loading docks and three (3) drive-in ramps on the west (6th Street) side of the exhibit hall. The dock is ALWAYS entered from the north ramp and exited from the south. The loading dock entrance is located at 850 N. 6th Street.

Targeted move-in

A well planned and executed “targeted move-in” improves the experience for everyone involved in an exposition or trade show, saving time, money and headaches for show management, exhibitors, decorators and venues.

Because the Wisconsin Center is in a busy downtown environment, targeted move-in/out procedures or an offsite exhibitor marshaling yard may be necessary. During a targeted move-in, vehicles attempting to enter the dock out of turn or without going through the marshaling yard are turned away. We cannot overstate the importance of everyone’s complete cooperation to ensure a smooth, speedy move-in/out.

“Flat Fee” vs. “Time & Materials” charges

The great majority of exhibitors can order the services they need for “flat fee” prices which include all labor and equipment. Infrequently, some types of connections and high-volume or custom installations require additional or specialized labor for which “time and materials” charges apply. See “Services requiring WCD personnel” for more information.


Advance payment, included with the order, is required for all exhibitor services, and may be made via Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express or by check. Where the final amount may be unknown due to “time & materials” costs, final payment in full must be rendered before the end of the show.

Any checks returned by a financial institution for any reason are added to show management’s post-event billing with an additional $30.00 returned-check fee.


Service orders and payment in full must be received a minimum of fourteen (14) days prior to the first scheduled move-in date before a show. Orders submitted without full payment and orders received after the 14-day cut-off date are subject to “floor” prices.

All order form information must be completed in full to avoid processing and installation delays. Incomplete orders may be subject to floor prices. Orders are normally processed and installations completed on a first-come, first-serve basis, or as WCD determines most convenient and cost-effective.

Floor plans

Where specific service locations or custom installations are desired, a booth floor plan must be provided. In the absence of a floor plan, services are installed at the rear center of the booth, or where most convenient.

Cancellations and Refunds

  • Cancellations made before installation and more than 6 days prior to the first scheduled move-in day are subject to a 90% REFUND.
  • Cancellations made before installation but 6 days or less prior to the first scheduled move-in day are subject to a 75% REFUND.
  • Cancellations made after installation or after the start of the first scheduled move-in day are subject to NO REFUND.


Services Requiring WCD Personnel

Exhibitors may plug equipment into rented electrical outlets, and may make all connections between equipment in the same booth. Special equipment requiring company engineers or technicians for assembly, servicing, preparatory work and operation may be executed without house electricians. However, all service connections and overload protection to such equipment must be made by house electricians.

Overhead or hard-wired connections, connections between booths, concealed wiring and other types of service needs must be installed by WCD personnel. Most mechanical services require connection by house personnel.

Compressed air, water, gas and fill & drain service

Water, air and drain connections are available in the exhibitor utility floor boxes throughout the Wisconsin Center’s exhibit hall. Natural gas is available at the pillars. WCD can also fill and drain water tanks. All equipment must comply with City of Milwaukee, Federal and State safety codes. All connection equipment furnished by WCD remains the property of WCD and will be removed at the close of the show.

Air and water pressure may vary; no guarantee can be made of minimum or maximum pressure amounts. If pressure is critical, exhibitors are responsible for providing an appropriate regulator. WCD reserves the right to refuse any connection that its engineers deem unsafe.

Liquid tanks, drums, barrels, and other containers exceeding 30 gallons capacity must be filled and drained by house engineers, who reserve the right to refuse any container that shows signs of leakage or that they otherwise deem inadequate. Leaking containers may be drained by house engineers without notice.

General Safety Issues (See Forms for Specifics)

Service connections crossing aisles are generally prohibited. All equipment must comply with applicable Federal, State and Local Safety Codes. All 120-volt electrical cords must be of the 3 wire, grounded type. All exposed, non-current carrying metal parts of fixed electrical equipment must be grounded. Open clip sockets, latex or lamp cord wire, or unapproved duplex or triplex attachment plugs in exhibits are prohibited.

All equipment must be properly tagged or marked with complete information as to the relevant required pressure, current, voltage, phase, capacity, frequency, horsepower, etc. Where applications require critical regulation of voltage, current, pressure, flow, moisture content, etc., exhibitors are responsible for the installation and use of the necessary regulator or conditioning equipment.

Equipment loss or damage (see forms for specifics)

All service order equipment is for rental only; WCD equipment employed in making any electrical, mechanical or signal connections is the property of WCD and may not be removed. Unreturned or stolen equipment is charged to the exhibitor. WCD is not responsible for damage to equipment caused by mislabeling or incompatibility with the service ordered. Damage to WCD property caused by mislabeled or incompatible equipment is charged to the exhibitor. Other specific conditions and terms apply to the different types of service; see the relevant forms for details.

Wisconsin tax law requirements

Wisconsin law requires event operators to report basic information to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue regarding any exhibitor or vendor selling or bartering goods, merchandise or services at the event. A “Notice to Operators (Organizers) of Sales Events” describing this requirement, and a reproducible form (Wisconsin Department of Revenue Form S-240 and/or Spreadsheet S-240a) for reporting purposes, are available from the Wisconsin Department of Revenue’s Income, Sales and Excise Tax Division. In addition, some vendors may be required to have a Wisconsin seller’s permit.


For more information about your tax obligations, contact:

Compliance Bureau – Temporary Events Program
PO Box 8901
Madison, WI 53708-8902
phone: 608.266.2776 fax: 608.267.1030
Temporary Events Program FAQs
Download form S-240.pdf and spreadsheet S-240a.xls